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Ionizer shield
Household Pre-Filtration
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Nevada, United States
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The Spartan Ionizer Shield is not a stand alone product for either above of below counter.

The Spartan Ionizer Shield is not a stand alone product for either above of below counter. The Spartan has been created especially for those who demand a higher level of protection in the quality of their water. The Spartan overcomes the downsides of traditional Reverse Osmosis systems while giving you great quality and great tasting water. The Spartan Ionizer Shield is a unique and proprietary combination of filtration, softening media and softening technology with 21 to 23 distinct stages (depending if used in hard or soft water areas).
This unique and proprietary system will eliminate virtually all your drinking water concerns while it helps protect  against scale buildup!.

Please Note: The Spartan is designed for use on potable water sources only.
If on untested well water please see Click Here

The Spartan Ionizer Shield is a unique and proprietary series of three filtration systems that combine advanced filtration with softening media and advanced technologies. Each system and technology in the Spartan is designed to work with the other systems to help you achieve optimal results. Best of all, this is tailored to your general water quality and unlike traditional Reverse Osmosis systems offers you a great flow rate and no tank pressure to maintain. Plus it is easier to install and does all this without creating a drop of waste water.

Water quality varies greatly from place to place, often within the same city or geographical area. There is no "one size fits all" water product. Any ionizer – or water product - will perform differently and have a different lifespan in soft, average and hard water quality situations. The cleaning systems on all ionizers are designed to clean only the electrodes inside your water cell. Other parts such as hoses and valves are still open to damaging scale buildup in hard water areas. The Spartan helps to protect the parts of your ionizer not cleaned by its on-board cleaning cycle from scale buildup. Best yet, the Spartan is offered in two options that are tailored to meet the needs of your particular water quality situation.

The effective life of the Purification Cartridge is entirely dependent on the qualities found in your source water. Simply put, the more particles in your water, the more quickly the media will expire - just like any filter or media. Because water quality and personal preference varies, timely replacement of this cartridge is up to the individual. We have provided a handy meter (with instructions) to let you decide when it is time to replace your Purification Cartridge. This filter can last from one month (in extreme situations) to one year.

The Spartan’s first two filtration systems come in an in-line external-housing. The quick connect fittings make this a snap to install. The third filtration system is tailored to your water quality, and goes right into the filter compartment onboard your ionizer. Lets look at each filter and how many stages, or barriers to contamination, each offers.