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Purification with ionizing capability
Above and Below Counter Options
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California, United States
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99.9% removal of most contaminants:
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Packaging Details
Comes in separate boxes with manual. These can be modified to include buyers details. Size of box about 12" X 12" X 20"
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3-5 weeks


The USA made Elita non-electric water purifier system removes 99.9% of most contaminants plus alkalizes and ionizes the water.



* IonWays created the most durable and visually pleasing finish possible.
* Instead of using a cheap spray-over finish (as used on many other products), the élita uses 3 separate finishes that are also buffed out and polished - similar to the finish used on automobiles.
* On the inside all parts are totally sealed, so there is no possibility of outside contamination.
* ABS plastics used on outside are flame retardant plus approved in the USA by NSF. Many imported finishes are highly flammable and can create a fire risk.
* No possibility of units leaking as parts repeatedly tested in USA to very high pressures.

* About 10" X 8" X 16" high. Uses similar counter space as a toaster.

* Can swivel 360 degrees plus extend out for about a 10" reach. This is high enough to allow for the easy filling of most water containers in any sink.
* No waste water line is needed since water only comes out of the spout. Reverse Osmosis systems, in comparison, typically create more waste water than drinking water!.
* IonWays used high quality, NSF certified, USA made, lead free, brass fittings in our all-metal spout design.

* Attaches easily to a diverter valve on your faucet or can be directly plumbed to the cold water line below your counter.
* Diverter is 100% USA made and NSF approved.

Flow Control Valve:
* Quality finish valve on the front of the élita can be used to increase/ decrease/ or even stop the flow of water.

Filtered Water Only Valve:
* A secondary valve on the top of the unit can be used to fine tune pH/ ORP levels or to select only a highly filtered water.
* This is important for drinking water while taking time-release medications.
* The IonWay's élita is the world's only non-electric ionizer to have select ability and to control your level of ionization.
* Also by mixing some non-alkalized water in with the alkalized/ionized water a weaker mix can be created for those who respond better to, and prefer, a less alkaline water.

* Due to the ability of élita to remove contaminants from water it is ideal for any household. This is the main market for the élita.
* Can also be used to treat lake water on boats (with booster pump), for those on well water and great for motor homes.
* Works with softened water!
* The élita is made to remove 99.9% of micro-organisms and heavy metals etc. but if water is not potable we still recommend getting a water report done first.
* Able to be used down to 20-25 psi. Typical home water pressure is 50-55 psi.

Filters use Green Renewable Technology:
* The élita is truly a most revolutionary design. Unlike other systems the plastic that is normally in disposable filters has been incorporated into the design. The 4 filters that are replaced about once a year are all made in our functional filter body style except for two flat plastic caps on top and bottom of filters. These caps control the even flow of water through each filter.
* The result - over 95% of the consumable plastic used in traditional filters is gone!
* Each filter is colored coded to make installation very easy - takes no more than 2 minutes, on average, to replace all the filters.
* The color of the filters is matched to the color of their respected caps making filter misplacement almost impossible.
* How often filters need replacing will depend on how much water is used. It is recommended that a family of 1-3 persons replace their filters about once a year, while a family of 3- 5 replace their filters once every 9 months.
Comparing to other Non-electric Ionizers/ Filters:
* Lesser quality systems typically create shifts in quality by adding materials to water that in turn create issues with chemical residues. That is why their water often tastes bad.
* Other systems tested only kept really working for up to about 50 gallons.
* IonWays did a test in Los Angeles where 140 gallons was run through the élita without stop then tested. Water tested at -400 ORP and 8.8 pH (from +200 and 8 pH).
* It is possible to achieve a lot of different effects in many ways but it is not possible to maintain performance and cleanliness over months of regular use unless multiple filters are used with safe, non-leaching ingredients (like those used in the élita).
* Different ingredients need to be in correct ratios and sequence and this cannot be achieved in just 1-2 filter systems. All IonWays ingredients are NSF tested for purity and effectiveness.
* Over 9-12 months of use your water will still be clean/ healthy and producing a good pH with low ORP. There is a risk in buying another brand that you may believe contaminants are still being taken out when they are not. There is, for example, a material that has been proven to be great at removing heavy metals but needs a 3 feet by 10 feet bed that water passes though before it can work. Obviously when used in a single filter it will not be effective.
* Exchange resins in other systems give a funny chemical taste to the water plus there is also a bad taste from dissolving cheap plastics used in filters (i.e. when imported from Asia to cut costs). Water from the élita tastes silky smooth, a little sweet and very clean.
* All that is used in an élita filter comes from nature (mined or farmed) and there are no chemicals or resins. IonWays first gets NSF safety sheets for all ingredients before testing/using and all parts that come in contact with water in an élita are NSF certified.
* No ingredients are pre-treated with chemical washes.

Importance of -ORP:
* ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is critical in creating water that is of the greatest benefit. Because it is so hard to measure it is important that you know you will be able to get water that has a high -ORP and that this -ORP will maintain itself over the life of the filter(s).
* If you run 100 gallons through the élita then wait 5 minutes and run water again you will still get water with the same -ORP as when first used.
* Water with negative ORP acts as an antioxidant while water with positive ORP is an oxidant. You are more likely to find water with a negative ORP in nature where the water is allowed to flow freely and remain clean.

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